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  • Is Facebook going to charge for business pages?

    A lot of my news feed (recently) is about FB starting to charge business pages a fee; do you know if someone started a rumor or is it true? – Nancy With the recent high-profile IPO of Facebook, there are a lot of rumors and speculation about what is going to happen with the world’s […]
  • Is Google Voice something I should use?

    Someone suggested that I use Google Voice phone for my business; is this a good idea? – Terrance Google Voice is probably the best kept secret in modern day Internet “telephony” (the convergence of traditional voice and Internet technology) mainly because it can come across as complicated, but it’s well worth exploring. The best part […]
  • Is personal information stored in my printer?

    I have an old HP scanner/fax/printer. Is it true that it stores your personal info inside somewhere and you should remove it before getting rid of it? I called HP and they denied that; Help! – Julie There are some cases where a printer could be storing lots of information about you, including hundreds of […]
  • My browser seems to be going slow. Why?

    About a year ago, I heard you guys mention having a couple of browsers on a computer, so I installed Firefox. My web browsing has gotten HORRIBLY slow these days. BTW, I installed Chrome and everything loads fine. Should I assume I picked up a virus that affects Firefox? – David There are a number […]
  • Will a photo taken with a smart phone show my location?

    Is it true that if I post a picture from my smartphone on Facebook that it will show where I took the picture? – Candice Facebook’s new Timeline makeover includes a Map section that can show where certain photographs were taken, so if you upload a picture and tag it with the location (from your […]