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  • I’m tired of arguing about masks for the sake of arguing

    KTAR News host Jim Sharpe is tired of arguing with people over the validity of wearing face masks, especially since arguing won't be productive.
  • Could coronavirus kill Gov. Doug Ducey’s 2024 campaign?

    KTAR News host Jim Sharpe wonders whether Gov. Doug Ducey's handling of the coronavirus pandemic could kill his chances of running for Senate in 2024.
  • The perfect pandemic sitcom is ‘Ducey in the Middle’

    After Monday's actions, it's apparent Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey will not be able to please everyone with his coronavirus response, writes KTAR News host Jim Sharpe.
  • Phoenix’s hottest day seared into memory, even from afar

    It's OK to celebrate the anniversary of Phoenix's hottest day, 122 degrees in 1990, writes KTAR News host Jim Sharpe. Just don't say “I love the heat!"
  • Scottsdale councilman should wear a mask — so I can’t hear him

    Regardless of what Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips meant, his "I can't breathe" utterance made Arizona and other anti-mask protesters look bad, KTAR News host Jim Sharpe says.
  • Is the race to erase racism causing a pandemic of pandering?

    KTAR News host Jim Sharpe can't help but wonder if hypervigilance against racism is leading to a pandemic of pandering.
  • Gov. Ducey did what Dems demanded, so they should consider quiet

    Now that Gov. Doug Ducey listened to Arizona Democrats on mask policy, KTAR News host Jim Sharpe hopes the state's coronavirus response can remain free of politics.
  • COVID-19 and Arizona Gov. Ducey’s local control double standard

    Arizona school districts will be allowed to mandate masks, which makes KTAR News host Jim Sharpe wonder why Gov. Doug Ducey won't let local governments do the same.
  • The rights and privileges of a face mask order

    KTAR News host Jim Sharpe proposes a way of getting Arizonans to wear face masks for the sake if public health without violating individual rights.
  • Scientists don’t flip-flop — that’s the job of politicians

    KTAR News host Jim Sharpe won't be mad at scientists if he misses out on experiences while following their latest coronavirus-related advice.