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  • Voting by mail likely will play big role in Arizona election

    Arizona's top election official said Wednesday that the coronavirus outbreak was going to make voting by mail an important option for the state's upcoming primary.
  • I’m tired of arguing about masks for the sake of arguing

    KTAR News host Jim Sharpe is tired of arguing with people over the validity of wearing face masks, especially since arguing won't be productive.
  • Phoenix teen girl’s 1978 death remains open case

    On March 11, 1978, a teenaged Phoenix girl spent her last day alive on this earth. Pauline Robbin Burgette was home alone at a duplex near 26th Street and McDowell Road and the next day was found dead.
  • Could coronavirus kill Gov. Doug Ducey’s 2024 campaign?

    KTAR News host Jim Sharpe wonders whether Gov. Doug Ducey's handling of the coronavirus pandemic could kill his chances of running for Senate in 2024.
  • The perfect pandemic sitcom is ‘Ducey in the Middle’

    After Monday's actions, it's apparent Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey will not be able to please everyone with his coronavirus response, writes KTAR News host Jim Sharpe.
  • VA chief says Phoenix center is handling coronavirus

    The Phoenix VA, once mired in a scandal of long wait times to see a doctor, is keeping up with patient care during the coronavirus crisis, the nation's top Veterans Affairs official said Monday.
  • crime scene tape

    Police trying to solve Mesa double-murder, West Valley robbery from 2012

    Police are still looking for suspects in a 2012 Mesa double-murder and an unrelated violent robbery at a West Valley smoke shop the same year.
  • Phoenix’s hottest day seared into memory, even from afar

    It's OK to celebrate the anniversary of Phoenix's hottest day, 122 degrees in 1990, writes KTAR News host Jim Sharpe. Just don't say “I love the heat!"
  • Scottsdale councilman should wear a mask — so I can’t hear him

    Regardless of what Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips meant, his "I can't breathe" utterance made Arizona and other anti-mask protesters look bad, KTAR News host Jim Sharpe says.
  • Is the race to erase racism causing a pandemic of pandering?

    KTAR News host Jim Sharpe can't help but wonder if hypervigilance against racism is leading to a pandemic of pandering.
  • Purse-snatcher victimizes shopper at Phoenix mall

    A purse-snatcher struck at a mall in Phoenix in 2014 and a man was stabbed during a fight at a Valley apartment complex in 2013. He died three days later.
  • Gov. Ducey did what Dems demanded, so they should consider quiet

    Now that Gov. Doug Ducey listened to Arizona Democrats on mask policy, KTAR News host Jim Sharpe hopes the state's coronavirus response can remain free of politics.
  • Phoenix, Mesa mayors see mandatory masks as lifesaving virus measures

    Mayors of two of the largest cities in Arizona - both in metro Phoenix - agreed Thursday that wearing masks was necessary for residents to slow the spike of coronavirus cases.
  • COVID-19 and Arizona Gov. Ducey’s local control double standard

    Arizona school districts will be allowed to mandate masks, which makes KTAR News host Jim Sharpe wonder why Gov. Doug Ducey won't let local governments do the same.
  • Girl eludes would-be kidnapper in Phoenix in 2014

    Phoenix Police searched for a man in a car who tried to pull a teenage girl off the street as she walked home from school in 2014.
  • Rep. Greg Stanton wants mask mandate for Arizona during outbreak

    Watching the spike in coronavirus cases in Arizona has prompted U.S. Rep. Greg Stanton to press for mandatory mask-wearing for residents in public.
  • The rights and privileges of a face mask order

    KTAR News host Jim Sharpe proposes a way of getting Arizonans to wear face masks for the sake if public health without violating individual rights.
  • Defunding police isn’t solution, Senate candidate Mark Kelly says

    Taking money away from police departments is not a recipe for community success, but changing enforcement tactics is, Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly of Arizona said.
  • Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter wants Phoenix to rethink police spending, role

    A local Black Lives Matter activist said Phoenix protesters want the city and state to rethink the role of law enforcement and how it's funded.
  • Scientists don’t flip-flop — that’s the job of politicians

    KTAR News host Jim Sharpe won't be mad at scientists if he misses out on experiences while following their latest coronavirus-related advice.