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  • Here’s why Google Trends is a useful business tool

    Here's why Google Trends is a useful tool for anyone involved in business development or marketing.
  • What to do about frustrating latency issues with Wi-Fi calling

    There are some excellent uses for Wi-Fi calling, especially when the cellular signal is very weak or nonexistent. But if connection isn't solid, there will be problems.
  • Understanding Windows 10 laptop battery reports

    Battery life continues to be one of the most common complaints for all of our electronic devices, but understanding some basics can help extend what is a finite usable life of all batteries.
  • Ways to password-protect sensitive emailed documents

    The best way to protect any document you have to send by email is to create a password to control both access and in some cases, ensuring the document can’t be changed.
  • Options for what to do with your old smartphones

    If you have a drawerful of old cellphones, unless you sell them outright, you basically have four choices to choose from - repurpose, donate, trade in or recycle.
  • Addressing common concerns about password managers

    Understand that cybersecurity is never about achieving 100% security as it’s just not possible, so protecting how you manage your passwords is one of the most important things to focus on.
  • Preventing malicious drive-by downloading

    The only action it takes to become victimized in the "drive-by download" scenario is to simply visit a booby-trapped website.
  • Understanding Windows 10 search indexing

    If you work with and modify lots of files on a regular basis or transfer large quantities of new files to your computer, indexing can cause some slowing.
  • Settings tips for new users of Android phones

    Although it can seem like iPhone and Android smartphones generally work the same, getting used to the differences is one of the first things you’ll need to work through.
  • Changes are coming this year that should curb robocalls

    Today’s scammers hide behind fake caller ID numbers to place those billions of robocalls because the current technology doesn’t have a way to sniff them out. But that's changing.
  • Don’t be fooled by company’s claim about its Wi-Fi booster

    Wi-Fi boosters don't make the connection faster, they extend the range of the signal where it's weak. Whatever the incoming speed from your ISP is, it's the fastest it can be at that moment.
  • Here’s how hackers are able to crack your passwords

    Passwords continue to be the primary target of cybercriminals because they represent the “keys to your kingdom”, especially when it comes to your email account.
  • Tips to help make online vaccine appointments a little easier

    Being tech-savvy doesn’t necessarily help with the frustration from trying to register online for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, but approaching the task with a strategy and a few tools may help.
  • What to do before Google Photos ends free unlimited storage

    Starting June 1, the free unlimited service photo storage Google has been providing is going away, with some exceptions.
  • Here’s how to decide which Google Pixel 5G phone is best to buy

    As 5G coverage continues to grow, upgrading to a phone that can take advantage of the faster speeds is becoming more attractive.
  • Best scanner apps for smartphone do a lot of heavy lifting

    Our smartphone cameras have become so sophisticated, they’re capable of capturing high enough detail to perform the same tasks that used to require a desktop scanner.
  • Here’s how to root out fake online product reviews

    Reviews have become such a huge influence in buying decisions that “gaming the system” is something we should all be aware of.
  • Rundown of smartphone widgets and how to use them

    Widgets take apps to another level by creating a larger space than a typical app icon to give you quick access to information without having to open the associated app.
  • Use this cybersecurity checklist to be safe online in 2021

    All of the existing cybersecurity advice designed to provide layers of protection that still apply in the new year can be found in the checklist.
  • Here’s how to donate that old computer to help students in need

    Have an old computer gathering dust? Here's how you can to donate it and help students in underprivileged and rural communities with their online classes.