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  • Arizona extends special tuition rate for students in US illegally

    The Arizona Board of Regents voted Thursday to expand access to a special tuition rate to Arizona high school graduates living in the U.S. illegally. 
  • Trump revives suggestion he’d end birthright citizenship

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Wednesday he was looking “very seriously” at ending the right to citizenship for babies born to non-U.S. citizens on American soil. Trump spoke to reporters as he departed the White House for a speech in Louisville, Kentucky. He said birthright citizenship was “frankly ridiculous.” “We’re looking at it […]
  • Trump moves to end limits on detention of migrant children

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is moving to end an agreement limiting how long migrant children can be kept in detention, the president’s latest effort to curb immigration at the Mexican border. A court fight is almost certain to follow, challenging the attempt to hold migrant families until asylum cases are decided. A current […]
  • Arizona universities might expand reduced tuition rate for immigrants

    Arizona universities are moving to expand access to a tuition rate paid by immigrants living in the country illegally who graduated from state high schools.
  • Google employees call for pledge not to work with ICE

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Hundreds of Google employees are calling on the company to pledge it won’t work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection or Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It’s the latest in a year full of political and social pushback from the tech giant’s workforce. A group of employees called Googlers for Human Rights […]
  • Government delays border barrier construction in Arizona

    The federal government is delaying construction on parts of the border fence in Arizona because it's still working on design plans.
  • Arizona border volunteers opening office with limited hours

    An Arizona humanitarian organization that provides aid to border crossers said it was opening an office to welcome visitors for a few hours on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.
  • New rules to deny green cards to many legal immigrants

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration announced Monday it is moving forward with one of its most aggressive steps yet to restrict legal immigration: Denying green cards to many migrants who use Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers or other forms of public assistance. Federal law already requires those seeking to become permanent residents or gain […]
  • Border numbers dip below 100k for 1st time in months

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The number of migrants encountered by U.S. authorities at the southern border has dropped below 100,000 for the first time in five months amid increased collaboration with Mexico and Guatemala to crack down on the flow, according to government data released Thursday. In July, there were 82,049 people encountered by U.S. Customs […]
  • Dad of Arizona man allegedly killed by immigrant announces Congress run

    The father of a man killed while working at a Valley convenience store, allegedly by an immigrant living in the country illegally, has announced a run for Congress in Arizona.

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