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  • Court hears 2 cases against Trump’s plan for border wall

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — President Donald Trump is moving fast to build a wall on the Mexico border with billions of dollars secured under his declaration of a national emergency, but he first must get past the courts. On Friday, a federal judge in Oakland heard arguments in two lawsuits seeking to block the White […]
  • Arizona lawmakers react along party lines to Trump’s immigration overhaul

    Arizona lawmakers reacted along party lines to President Donald Trump's announcement Thursday of his plan to overhaul the country's immigration system.
  • Trump plan would shift immigration focus to ‘merit’

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Unveiling a new immigration plan, President Donald Trump said he wanted to provide a sharp contrast with Democrats, and he did — aiming to upend decades of family-based immigration policy with a new approach that favors younger, “totally brilliant,” high-skilled workers he says won’t compete for American jobs. Trump’s sweeping immigration plan […]
  • Former Arizona Gov. Brewer calls plan to send TSA workers to border ‘bizarre’

    Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer called the White House's plan to send Transportation Security Administration employees to the border to help with the surge in immigration "bizarre."
  • Another section of border wall to be replaced in southern Arizona

    Another large section of border wall will be replaced in southern Arizona after federal officials ordered for construction to begin immediately. 
  • Trump to launch new immigration overhaul push

    WASHINGTON (AP) — After years of setbacks and stalemates, President Donald Trump will lay out yet another immigration plan on Thursday as he tries to convince the American public and lawmakers that the nation’s legal immigration system should be overhauled. The latest effort, spearheaded by Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, focuses on beefing […]
  • Border wall to go up in national monument, wildlife refuge

    The Department of Homeland Security has waived environmental and dozens of other laws to build more barriers along the Arizona-Mexico border.
  • AP sources: Trump officials discussed deporting families

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Homeland Security officials considered arresting thousands of migrant families who had final deportation orders and removing them from the U.S. in a flashy show of force, but the idea was tabled as the Trump administration grappled with straining resources and a growing number of Central Americans crossing the border. Two Homeland Security […]
  • Arizona desert can be deadly for crossing migrants, US officials warn

    Migrants who plan to illegally cross the border in remote areas of southern Arizona could face potentially deadly heat, U.S. Border Patrol officials warned. 
  • Second person dies in immigration custody in Arizona

    Another person has died in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Arizona, marking two such deaths in about a month. 

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