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Arizona State University rolls hoverboards off campus with new ban

(AP Photo/Stephen Brashear, File)

PHOENIX — This day has officially arrived: Hoverboards will no longer be allowed on any of Arizona State University’s four campuses.

The decision was announced Wednesday in a Facebook post from university police. The ban includes sidewalks, walkways and any place on campus property. The new policy goes into effect immediately.

Arizona State University Police Sergeant Daniel Mecias said the decision was in response to fire hazards associated with the toy.

“The university felt, for the safety of those involved, that it was best to not allow them in campus building or in residential halls,” he said. “Because of the fact that they had been known to cause some fire damage.”

Although there have been no reported incidents involving hoverboard malfunction on any of the university’s campuses, Mecias said officials want to get ahead of the curve before any potential incidents occur.

Mecias said even though the policy has already been implemented, students will have time to send their hoverboards home.

“We want to get the information out to the population, let them know not to have them on campus, and you know to take whatever measures they need to get them back home,” he said.

Any violations of the new hoverboard policy will be handled by the dean of students.

Arizona State University is not the first state school to ban the hazardous toys: Grand Canyon University and University of Arizona both ban hoverboards from their campuses.

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