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June 6th, 2011

Talk about feeling violated, imagine getting this call from the Social Security Administration.

“Mr. Tony Abrill learned January 2011 that another person was using his identity for employment for a two year period,” Phoenix Police sergeant Darren Birch said.

Birch says the real Abrill is on disability and was completely unaware someone had stolen his I.D. to get a job in Phoenix.

“He had absolutely no idea,” he said. “Even if he had done due diligence and checked all his checking accounts it wasn’t that type of identity theft.”

Still, there’s no telling what kind of damage he did to his victim’s good name and reputation.

“The fake Tony Abrill was working as security for L.M.S. Intellibound out of a Shamrock office, and when the owner of the company was notified that the Tony Abrill working for him may not be the real Tony Abrill, that Tony Abrill was contacted. He then took off; we haven’t seen him since.

“The suspect was using the name Tony Abrill, but we have no idea what his real name is or what other names he’s using right now.”