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  • Stolen credit cards pay for jewelry in Phoenix police case

    Phoenix Police are looking for a thief who buys jewelry with stolen credit cards and a pair of criminals who set fires at a tire shop.
  • Driver who rammed Phoenix police vehicles in 2015 managed to escape

    A driver stopped by Phoenix Police in 2015 rammed their vehicles, sped away and slammed into a tree. The truck burst into flames, but the person behind the wheel got away.
  • Short tempers lead to shootings on Phoenix streets, death

    Our first case takes us to a neighborhood near 29th Street and Beardsley Road in Phoenix where tempers flared and bullets flew.
  • Phoenix police still looking for 2nd attempted robbery suspect

    The police already have a head start on solving this attempted robbery. Your tips may be just what they need to wrap it up.
  • Tattoos could hold clues to identities of 2 armed suspects in Phoenix

    A couple of convenience store crimes need to be solved, both in Phoenix from earlier this year, police said.
  • Phoenix teen girl’s 1978 death remains open case

    On March 11, 1978, a teenaged Phoenix girl spent her last day alive on this earth. Pauline Robbin Burgette was home alone at a duplex near 26th Street and McDowell Road and the next day was found dead.
  • crime scene tape

    Police trying to solve Mesa double-murder, West Valley robbery from 2012

    Police are still looking for suspects in a 2012 Mesa double-murder and an unrelated violent robbery at a West Valley smoke shop the same year.
  • Purse-snatcher victimizes shopper at Phoenix mall

    A purse-snatcher struck at a mall in Phoenix in 2014 and a man was stabbed during a fight at a Valley apartment complex in 2013. He died three days later.
  • Girl eludes would-be kidnapper in Phoenix in 2014

    Phoenix Police searched for a man in a car who tried to pull a teenage girl off the street as she walked home from school in 2014.
  • Day laborers victimized; Phoenix murder suspect yet to be found

    In 2014, a man lured Valley day laborers to his car with offers of work and then robbed them and a murder suspect could be in Mexico after killing his wife.