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Sept. 27, 2010

PHOENIX – On what should have been a quiet Sunday night, at about 11 p.m. on August 22, 2010, a security guard was patrolling an apartment complex at 49th Street and McDowell Road.

That was when he spotted four young men and approached them, Phoenix Police Sergeant Darren Burch aid.

“He instructed the subjects to leave – they were loitering – and they immediately began to attack him,” Burch said. “One subject was armed with a knife. They threw him down to the ground and began kicking and hitting him to a point where he suffered a fractured skull.”

Burch says the guard was hospitalized.

“We know very little about the four suspects other than that they’re between 17 and 18 years of age.”

“His job as a security guard at that apartment complex is to do just that,” Burch said. “Tell people to leave if they’re loitering, if they’re up to no good, (and) acting suspiciously. He was doing his job and unfortunately he was attacked by all four suspects.”