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Eyes on Parenting: Getting your child more zzz’s could result in more A’s

Kids who sleep more get better grades.

“School and sleep go hand in hand,” said Dr. Rupali Drewek director of the Sleep Disorders Program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

“Children who are not sleeping enough can have impaired cognitive functioning,” she said.

Not sleeping properly can cause decreased GPA and poorer academic performance compared to kids who are getting a good regular night sleep.

“In addition to grades, you also can have symptoms of ADHD if you’re not sleeping enough,” she said. “Kids can have anxiety or aggression and sometimes it can lead to depression.”

There are things parents can do to help their kid maintain proper sleeping habits.

“Routine is important,” she said. “We always recommend a sequential bedtime routine.”

Brushing teeth, taking a bath and reading a book at the same time in the same order every night can help kids relax for bed and be ready to go to sleep.

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