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Baby skunk, deer rescued after heavy Phoenix storms

PHOENIX — Valley wildlife took a beating during Tuesday’s storms.

However, one baby skunk got a new lease on life after being rescued while floating down a street in Surprise, Ariz.

“He was coming, tumbling down the street, this little white and black ball of fur,” Kim Carr, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center’s senior keeper, said.

According to Carr, the skunk, named Monsoon, was on the brink of death when residents who rescued the animal called the conservation center.

“They knew this little guy needed help.” Carr said. “They scooped him up and brought him in their house, called Southwest Wildlife and they brought him out. He’s pretty dehydrated and he had quite a story to tell.”

The center immediately began treating the animal Wednesday morning.

“He was kind of in bad shape this morning so we gave him some fluids,” she said.

Monsoon is doing well and resting up at the conservation center in north Scottsdale.

A mule deer fawn was also rescued from the flooding. It was not named.