Here’s 1 way to ensure your family is drinking safe water

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Feb 6, 2024, 4:58 PM | Updated: 4:58 pm


PHOENIX — Across the Valley and throughout Arizona, water is as hot a topic as ever, even popping up as one of the emphases in Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs’ State of the State address.

Water is maybe one of the most important resources in our lives, and especially if you have kids, you want them to have access to safe water.

Although Phoenix tap water is considered “safe” by Environmental Protection Agency standards, there are numerous contaminants that can still be found which can be harmful long term.

Some of the contaminants on the list include arsenic, chromium, nitrates, radium and more, according to the city.

Water filtration units such as Reverse Osmosis can make drinking water safer. In addition to safety, you can conveniently wash produce, cook, and prepare your teas or coffees using this purified water.

Using a filtration system instead of buying bottled water, not only eliminates the plastic waste but also saves you money.

Where to turn to get a reverse osmosis system or other water filtration?

Collins Comfort Masters, in business and trusted since 1985, is a top source for getting a reverse osmosis system and other water filtration.

Collins Comfort Masters will be able to test your water quality first and help you choose a system that addresses specific contaminants present in your water supply. They will customize a system that fits your home, your water and your family’s needs.

In addition to equipment installation, Collins Comfort Masters also provides scheduled and emergency service and maintenance, so your filtration system can go the distance.

They’re also willing to answer further questions you may have about the benefits of these systems, including softer skin and healthier hair due to a lack of harsh chemicals.

To learn more, visit their website or give them a call at 480-212-9208.

To schedule an appointment for installation or service, click here.

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Here’s 1 way to ensure your family is drinking safe water