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Walgreens opens blood testing clinic in two Phoenix stores

PHOENIX — Getting a blood test can now mean heading to the drug store instead of the doctor’s office.

When you come to the Walgreens at 64th Street and Greenway Road in north Phoenix, you can now get a test that’s less invasive and more affordable.

“Instead of doing a phlebotomy for vials and vials of blood, we make it possible to do a test from a tiny droplet from a finger,” said Elizabeth Holmes, the founder and president of a company called Theranos.

The company is offering its services in three Walgreens’ locations around the country, with two of them right here in the Valley. It’s also offered at a store near Central Road and Thomas Avenue. A third store is in Palo Alto, Calif.

Holmes said her company’s tests can cost up to five times less than having your blood drawn at the doctor, with faster results.

“The system that we’ve set up allows for results to be generated very quickly, so the physician can get data back much faster than previously possible,” Holmes said.

Holmes also noted that the service is intended to be convenient.

“We’re making it possible for people to begin to get access to these services late at night, on a weekend, or early in the morning, so that they don’t have to leave work,” said Holmes.

The plan is to eventually make the service available to every Walgreens throughout the nation.