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Company pays for employee vacations

It’s summer in the Valley, meaning many workers’ minds begin to drift to cooler locations and some much-needed time off.

But then pop up the concerns of money, time away and the dread of coming back to a small mountain of work waiting. What about the worries over the allotted vacation time or the sometimes insane costs incurred while trying to enjoy some time off?

A cloud-sourced address book company, FullContact, is solving all those problems. The company not only encourages employees to disconnect while out of the office, but it will pay them $7,500 to do so.

The company refers to the idea as a paid, paid vacation. Basically, employees are encouraged to take great vacations and not focus on work. They are not allowed to check-in on any manner and, in order to receive the vacation funds, have to go on a vacation. The bonus is in addition to their normal salary, which does grant vacation days.

There is no limit to how employees use the funds. According to FullContact, “Different strokes for different folks. Some people are single. Some people have families. People decompress in different ways.”

The company, with a little tongue-in-cheek attitude, posted that it is hiring at the conclusion of the article.

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