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Gunmen arrested after attempting to rob Phoenix home

Five children are safe after three gunmen stormed into their home near 71st Avenue and Indian School, demanding money and jewelery early Wednesday morning.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Trent Crump said witnesses saw the suspects force their way in and called police.

“One of [the suspects] was at the door — at a metal screen door — talking with the victim inside, trying to convince her that he had known her from a prior contact or prior get-together,” said Crump. “She knew this to be false, but while she was talking with him, another suspect had gone around to another door in the home that was unlocked and actually came up behind her.”

Crump said the men were in the house for about an hour while police were on the scene, but then the criminals decided to attempt to dupe police.

“Ultimately, they devised a ruse, or a plan, with the 18-year-old victim — who was the oldest in this — that they would go out hand-in-hand with her and pretend as though they were boyfriends and girlfriend so that they could avoid arrest.”

Crump said the men were tied to other burglaries in the area.

The five victims ranged from 18 years old to just seven months old.

No injuries were reported.