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New initiative involving ASU launched to develop solutions for carbon economy

PHOENIX — A new initiative from The Center for Carbon Removal, in partnership with Arizona State University and several other research institutions, wants to transform waste carbon dioxide from the air into valuable products and services.

According to a press release, the goal to develop those solutions is a new industrial innovation initiative from the center that includes ASU and two other universities, Iowa State and Purdue.

The initiative is sorely needed according to the center.

Noah Deich, executive director of the Center for Carbon Removal, said that this initiative for a “New Carbon Economy” is urgently needed to “develop new businesses and reinvent the industries that powered the last industrial revolution – like manufacturing, mining, agriculture and forestry – to create a strong, healthy and resilient economy and environment for communities around the globe.”

The launch event for the project had partners figure out what steps were needed in order to have the most relevant research translating into business and policy action. Those steps for the “roadmap” of the initiative will consider various strategies for the design from biological to engineered approaches.

“Today there are a number of voices, narratives and uncertainties that challenge us in developing a focused innovation agenda for dealing with the growth of atmospheric carbon dioxide,” said Arizona State Vice President for Research Development Betsy Cantwell in the release. “Working together with the Center for Carbon Removal, we will develop a roadmap leading to real, valuable and lasting uses for carbon in the air. We hope to implement the roadmap in a timeframe that will rapidly impact global carbon futures.”


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