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It’s always a good time to check in with your child’s teacher

Even though most kids just got back to school last week, there are some things parents can do now to help them throughout the year.

“First we would suggest that parents take the time to get to know their child’s teacher or teachers,” said Pearl Chang Esau with Expect More Arizona.

Parents should talk about the expectations for the year with their child’s teachers and ask them, “How can I best support my child at home?” she said.

Checking in early in the year, and then throughout the year, could mean identifying a problem early.

“Even if it’s asking, ‘How was that homework? Did you find it challenging? Is there anything you need help with?’” she said.

Another tip, make homework part of your child’s daily routine.

“Having a set aside place that’s free from distraction, accessible to study tools, and so that they know that this is a part of what they have to do every day,” Esau said.

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