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Small and sweet: Phoenix’s ‘Treehouse Bakery’ named best cupcake spot in Arizona

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There’s just something about small desserts that can get the ones with the most self-control to cave in.

One of the more popular small desserts are cupcakes, especially in the Phoenix area. There are a number of different cupcake shops in the Valley, but only one could be named the best stop for cupcakes in Arizona.

That honor belongs to Phoenix’s “Treehouse Bakery,” according to The Daily Meal.

A vegan bakery that makes you forget about the fact that it is vegan is a winner in our book. Its animal-product-free treats are extremely tasty, as are its cupcakes. You have to call ahead or stop by early to catch the cupcake flavors for the day, but we promise the preparation is worth it.

The small delights can be found near the cross-section of Roosevelt Street and 15th Avenue.

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