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Glendale family starts campaign for children in Nogales warehouse

The leaked images of migrant children in a Nogales warehouse have a Glendale family taking action.

Glendale resident Karyn Ogle has created a crowdsourcing effort called “H20 and toys for the Children of Nogales” through the site GoFundMe to raise money for these children.

Being a proud mom of a 5-year-old boy, Ogle said she couldn’t imagine sending her own son out to those conditions.

“They don’t have anybody. They don’t have a parent to comfort them. They barely have water,” she said.

Ogle is taking any kind of donation from money to water, toys, stuffed animals, water and food.

They have been able to raise approximately $1,200 and further hope to raise enough money to provide clothing and essentials such as toothpaste.

She is also working on the possibility of her bringing in the donations to the facility personally.

“I’m putting politics aside and being a bigger person … if this was my child, I would want someone to do this for my child,” she said.

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