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Report: Arizona group’s documents show frequent illegal border crossings

The debate on border security has taken a new turn, with new footage showing illegal immigrants crossing the border frequently.

According to, a group of volunteers called the Secure Border Intelligence have been taking detailed reports on the Arizona border, and their findings show it may not be as secure as the Obama administration suggests.

The group hid small, motion sensor cameras along various smuggling locations in Arizona, which showed a high number of illegal immigrants coming into the United States. The cameras also recorded conversations among the border agents and pilots.

The Secure Border Intelligence group posts the audio daily, and one day the findings reported 223 illegal immigrants trying to enter Arizona.

The material is distributed as part of an effort by SBI to ‘”document the porous US/Mexico border (and) to expose the ‘lie’ by fostered the current administration that our borders are secure,” one of the founders told Fox News. “This documentation is being offered to you and any other news organization without any copyright, distribution, or other restrictions with the stipulation that credit be given.”

The group has chosen not to divulge further information about their membership to avoid a backlash.