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BTW, textual harassment spells trouble

PHOENIX — It should come as no surprise in this
smartphone and social-media age that more and more
employees are falling victim to ‘textual’ harrassment.

This form of workplace behavior doesn’t involve touching
or grabbing but emails, texts, even posts on Facebook and
Twitter. Valley attorney Chris Mason said he’s seeing more
and more of these cases.

“People seem to think what they put in writing is OK and
they tend to get more liberal or aggressive sometimes in
writing than if they actually confront the person.”

And high-profile athletes and political figures have
recently been busted sending questionable photos of
themselves to others. And you would think they’d know

“All I can think is maybe their libidos have taken over,
taken control and the old saying they’re thinking with
certain parts of the body.”

Mason said textual harassment has companies facing serious
liabilities and paying settlements to be rid of the
damaging cases.

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