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New look, process for Arizona driver’s license

PHOENIX — The next time you get a driver’s license in Arizona, expect not only a new look, but a new process, as well.

In an effort to enhance security and safety, the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division has completely redesigned the state-issued driver’s licenses and IDs.

“The design of the driver’s license has numerous security features that have been added,” said ADOT spokesman Harold Sanders.

The high-tech look borrows from anti-counterfeiting methods used in currency and adds an additional picture of the driver.

Another layer of security means drivers won’t walk out of the MVD office with your new license the same way, however.

“You’re not going to receive your license the same day,” explained Sanders. “What you’re going to receive is a temporary, which is going to be good for 30 days.”

The permanent license will be mailed about two weeks later to make sure the correct address is used.

Current licenses are still valid until they expire or until the photo needs to be refreshed.

The procedure change went into effect Monday.