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Lawmakers: Let cops decide fate of buyback guns

PHOENIX — Several Republicans in the Arizona House are urging the state to let police decide what to do with guns that come into the state’s possession via buyback programs.

The House approved a bill last week that allows cities to participate in gun buyback programs, under the condition that that weapons are not destroyed. The bill is now in the hands of the Senate.

House Minority Leader Chad Campbell said the GOP-backed bill will force cities or counties to sell off the weapons and the state has no business telling localities what to do.

“It should be up to the cops on the street to decide what to do with these weapons. If they want to destroy them? Great. If they want to sell them off? Great. It should be up to local cops.”

Republican Rep. Brenda Barton backed the bill and believes cities and counties could use profits from the sales of guns taken in buybacks to help with budgets.

Campbell sponsored a bill that died in a House committee that would have allowed cities to have the ability to destroy or sell the guns.