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Pot for puppies business could bloom in Arizona

PHOENIX — Several marijuana-derived products are now being made for pets, and Arizona medical marijuana industry experts expect those products to be utilized in the Phoenix area.

“This is something that will be beneficial to the dog when purchased from the right place and utilized appropriately like any other product,” Stephen Shearin, president and COO of Tempe-based American Green, said.

Shearin said studies have shown medical marijuana use can be beneficial to humans who are suffering various health ailments. He said the drug can be as beneficial for animals.

“Not only do they work, but there are pet-owners who have been overjoyed to bring a degree of painlessness and happiness back to their animal,” Shearin said.

According to Shearin, there are several ways to treat pets with medical marijuana by utilizing compounds in cannabis that do not cause the animal to get high.

“And we certainly believe that any product that can be a good business opportunity for us while reducing pain in somebody’s pet is kind of a win-win,” he said.