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Sen. Martha McSally open to bipartisan input on immigration bill

(Twitter Photo/@USGLC)

PHOENIX – Republican Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona said she was hopeful that a bipartisan deal could be reached on a bill to close immigration loopholes contributing to the ongoing border crisis.

“I’m a hopeful, pragmatic legislator. There have been some conversations with a couple of Democrat senators related to my legislation with Lindsey Graham where they are saying they’re going to come to us with some ideas,” she told KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Mac & Gaydos on Monday.

“Now whether they’re poison pills or whether they’re actual ideas that will be acceptable to close these loopholes is yet to be determined.”

McSally has been working with Graham, the longtime Republican senator from South Carolina, on a bill that addresses the system in place for migrants to claim asylum in the U.S. She said they delayed marking up the bill in the judiciary committee last week so Democrats could provide input.

“Linsdey Graham actually agreed to hold it for a couple of more weeks to see if they’re wanting to negotiate in good faith,” she said.

“So we’re going to continue to have these conversations to see if they’re legit.”

McSally expressed concern that this week’s Democratic presidential debates could “derail the whole conversation,” but she was willing to listen.

“Let’s give them a chance,” she said. “I’m not holding my breath, but let’s give them the opportunity to bring their ideas to the table.”

McSally didn’t say whether she supported President Donald’s proposed deportation raids, saying she was focused on her role as a lawmaker.

“I think they’re kind of like two different topics, you know, enforcement of the law, and what the administration is doing or not doing, and then Congress actually solving the root causes of the problem, and so that’s what I’m focusing on,” she said.

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