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Tucson city bus takes on flooded area

PHOENIX — A Tucson, Ariz., bus driver made a pretty risky decision on Tuesday: They decided to ford a flooded city street.

Another driver caught the act on camera and sent it to local TV station KOLD-TV, which in turn uploaded the video to Facebook.

Though blurry, the video clearly shows the water is well over the bus’ headlights when the driver decides to ford the small stream running over a street.

The video cuts off shortly after the bus drives through the deepest part of the water. It is unknown if the vehicle sustained any damage.

A majority of Arizona was under a flash flood watch on Tuesday, as more heavy storms bore down on the state.

The National Weather Service said the flash flood watch will remain in effect
until late Tuesday and comes after an evening of severe weather than brought

Authorities say 11 people were rescued in Wickenburg late Monday following a
hard-hitting monsoon that struck a trailer park.

Running water is a danger in Arizona, especially when heavy monsoon rain triggers flooding. A few inches of running water is often enough to carry away a car.

Arizona has a “stupid motorist law” for drivers who ignore barricades or signs of flooding ahead. Should the vehicle need rescuing, the driver is responsible for the cost.

State and local officials constantly warn drivers to never enter a flooded area.

KTAR’s Jim Cross and the Associated Press contributed to this story.