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Guy humorously chronicles difficulty of cycling in NYC bike lanes

Like many residents, Casey Neistat rides his bike around New York City, and while being friendly to non-motorists, the city isn’t exactly known for clear roadways.

When Neistat got a $50 ticket for not riding his bike in the bike lane back in 2011, he filmed the conversation he had the police officer, asking why the car in front of him, who was double-parked in a bus lane, was also not getting ticketed.

Neistat begrudgingly paid the fine, but not without having the last say.

He decided to film himself riding his bike in the bike lanes NO MATTER WHAT.

What follows is two minutes of Neistat smashing into a lot of things — barricades, trash cans, trucks — and while it is intentionally humorous, Neistat successfully begs the question: How can bicyclists ride safely in the bike lanes if there is no penalty issued to those who obstruct them?