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IRS issuing last call for 2010 tax returns

PHOENIX — Almost 24,000 Arizona residents are missing out on $17.5 million in tax refunds because they didn’t file federal income-tax returns for 2010.

Stephanie Fierro with the Fruitkin Law Firm in Phoenix said this won’t be a payday for everybody.

“If you were required to file for 2010 and didn’t, then you’re probably going to have penalties that could outweigh the refund you had due,” she said. “That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t file if you’re not in compliance with the law.”

The Arizona tally is part of more than $750 million in expected refunds for more than 900,000 taxpayers across the nation who didn’t file the 2010 tax returns.

Thousands of Arizonans who did not file a tax return due to a low income had taxes withheld from their wages in 2010 and they have a right to the refund.