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Daredevil group scales Hong Kong skyscraper to greet city

We all like to think we’ve pulled some pretty hardcore stunts in our rebellious years, at least so we can brag about them to our children, present or future.

But a group of four daredevils make even our coolest teenage and college stories look like nursery rhymes.

The group posted a video to Youtube on Wednesday, which starts out seeming like an interesting travel video, featuring the shops, streets and restaurants in the heart of bustling Hong Kong, using helmet-mounted GoPro footage.

But then they start to climb.

The young adults, who are known as “On the Roofs,” take on many stairs and ladders until they emerge onto a rooftop, with a breathtaking view of the colorful city.

Then they keep going.

Getting ever-higher views each time, they stand on the very edges of buildings hundreds of feet in the air. Finally, they reach their destination, which appears to be one of the highest points in the city: a billboard on top of a skyscraper.

The group then uses the billboard to greet Hong Kong in an audacious way, before making a sly getaway.

The video will give you a shot of adrenaline even from your desk chair, despite the fact it ruins every story you’ve ever told.