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Turkey bomb prank startles family during Thanksgiving dinner
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Turkey bomb prank startles family during Thanksgiving dinner

Imagine sitting down over Thanksgiving dinner with your family and getting ready to bite into a delicious-looking turkey.

Now imagine that the turkey explodes without warning.

That is what happened as YouTube user Roman Atwood put together a Thanksgiving day prank at the dinner table.

Atwood and his girlfriend were in on the joke together as they hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for Atwood’s relatives. Atwood asks his father to do a prayer, and the main course explodes during the blessing; it hits the ceiling and leaves turkey bits all over the room — and all over those who were ready to eat.

Atwood thought it was funny; his family did not — at least not immediately. He uploaded a video of the prank to YouTube on Thursday, and it already has surpassed 4 million views.

A behind-the-scenes video shows he used parts from a steering wheel (those that deploy an airbag) to produce the explosion. He said a butter dish shattered and one of the legs on the table cracked due to the force of the burst.