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This video shows why you don’t want to get stuck in an avalanche

If you were scared of going skiing before, this video may confirm your fears.

The clip, from Mount Elbrus in Russia, showed what looked like a slow-moving avalanche as it crept toward a a pack of cars in a ski resort parking lot. However, when the snow crashed down on and enveloped the cars, it was clear the avalanche was definitely not moving slowly.

When the snow finally hit the cars, the vehicles were moved out of the way as if they weighed nothing at all. It almost seemed like the cars hovered out of the way when the snow arrived.

One car was buried almost completely. The only thing visible was the right rear taillight.

Frustrated honks could be heard in the background of the video as cars tried to avoid the incident.

Toward the end of the video, after the snow had eventually come to a halt, the videographer walked up to the scene and showed how hard and compact the snow is as they struggled to smash it up.

On the bright side, the video ended with children playing on top of the snow and cars. So, you know, at least they had a good time even if their parents or the owners of the vehicles weren’t.

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