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Final Word: Pay attention to the upcoming election, Arizona

Well, Arizona, you got what you wanted.

I don’t know if Arizona will ever actually BE a purple state, but there are now more registered Independents than Republicans or Democrats. Whether or not they vote is the question.

Also, for whom does an Independent likely vote?

The latest Rasmussen poll in Arizona found gubernatorial candidates Republican Doug Ducey and Democrat Fred DuVal are tied at 40 percent of the vote. The poll did not include the Libertarian candidate, Barry Hess, who factored in as high as 12 percent in other polls.

When it comes to being a well-known name, Ducey comes out way on top, with only 7 percent of respondents NOT knowing his name.

On issues of trust and taxes, Arizonans trust the two candidates differently, but our own political expert pollster Mike O’Neill said if there ever was such a thing as a gubernatorial tossup in Arizona, this race is it.