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How elderly people can stay safe during summer in Arizona

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PHOENIX — The summer months can be deadly for elderly residents living in the Phoenix area, so one official has some tips for them to stay safe.

Dr. Moe Bell with the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine is encouraging those who are prone to heat-related illnesses to stay inside when possible — especially in the middle of the day — and drink lots of water.

“If you get stuck outside in the heat, stay in the shade or use an umbrella, cover up with lightweight cotton clothes and a hat, drink extra fluids and wet down,” Bell said.

“And make sure you drink plenty of water this summer. This helps prevent overheating and keeps your kidneys working better in flushing out toxins.”

The average person should drink about four water bottles worth of water each day, but Bell recommended that larger people drink about five, while smaller people can get by with three.

“Although older people need about the same amount of water as younger people, they simply do not get as thirsty,” he said.

“People with memory problems may forget to drink, those with mobility problems may have trouble getting water,” and some people who take medications may lose water, so even if they do not feel thirsty, they should drink enough.

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