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New smartphone apps assist in self-detecting breast cancer

Each October, many people show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink, running 5K races and honoring loved ones who have battled breast cancer.

This year, several companies have taken these efforts a step further by creating reminders for women to turn their support into action.

According to Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC), 40 percent of breast cancers are self detected.

B4BC is trying to bolster that statistic by offering a free app that gives women automatic monthly reminders to perform a self-examination.

The app provides a how-to guide for self-examinations and provides access to other health and wellness tips.

The “Your Man Reminder” app also sends out monthly self-examination reminders, but in addition, it allows the app user to send reminders to their friends.

The app’s journal feature provides a way for women to note unusual detections, and they can also send reminders to themselves for doctor appointments and mammograms.

Although these apps focus on educating women about how to perform a self-examination, there are others designed for those already fighting breast cancer.

“Breast Cancer: Beyond The Shock” is a resource for women who are trying to cope with their illness during the first weeks after diagnosis.

This app, which was created by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, caters to questions and emotions while helping patients with cancer move forward, according to Healthline.