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‘Mowgli’ trailer reveals a dark twist to animated classic ‘The Jungle Book’

Disney’s “The Jungle Book” has remained a classic since the animated film was released in 1967.

In 2016, Disney released a live-animated version of the film, which generated $966 million in box office revenue worldwide.

With that level of interest, it should come as no surprise that yet another version of Rudyard Kipling’s 19th century tale is set to hit box offices this fall.

But Warner Bros. and director Andy Serkis took a different approach in their version of the classic hit.

“Mowgli” presents the same storyline of a young boy raised by wolves in a harsh jungle environment, but with a much darker feel.

The recently released trailer starts with Mowgli — played by Rohan Chand — locked up in a wooden cage, doing everything he can to try and escape.

Bagheera — the familiar black panther now voiced by Christian Bale — speaks with the young boy from outside the cage, telling him to “gain their trust” in order to be released.

The trailer proceeds to show snippets from the upcoming film, including other familiar characters but with more of a threatening appeal.

Voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, the menacing tiger known as Shere Khan is an intimidating figure, while other characters such Baloo the Bear appear to be taking on a much more serious role.

The trailer as a whole strays away from the fun-loving comedic appearance of past “Jungle Book” films.

According to Serkis, the film is meant to be “an epic story of a child becoming a warrior.”

“Mowgli” will be in theaters on Oct. 19.

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