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Taco Bell announces $1 Nacho Fries, internet can’t handle it

(Taco Bell Photo)

Taco Bell is going to make your fry habit so much worse.

The Mexican restaurant chain will add $1 nacho fries to its menu starting on Jan. 25, the company announced this week.

The fries will have a limited release, according to CNNMoney.

The fries will include a “bold Mexican seasoning” and a side of nacho cheese dipping sauce. They will cost only $1.

Customers can also make these fries “Supreme” by adding pico de gallo, beef and sour cream on top, which would make them even more like nachos, CNBC reported.

These add-ons will raise the price to $2.49 or $3.49, depending on how many of those add-ons you add, the company said.

Taco Bell will also add these to a $5 box deal, which will include the fries, a Doritos Locos taco, a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and a medium drink.

These nacho fries will be another addition to the restaurant’s growing $1 menu. The company added a quesadilla egg sandwich last month. It plans to add 20 more items to the menu later this year.

Social media is already abuzz with tweets about the new fries.

Other fast-food companies have worked to increase their own dollar menus. Jack in the Box added a value menu where items cost either $5 or $1, according to CNBC.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s decided to add a new “$1 $2 $3 menu,” where everything costs either $1, $2 or $3, according to The Deseret News.

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