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Former Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer: Mitt Romney’s words on Donald Trump ‘really harsh’

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney weighs in on the Republican presidential race during a speech at the University of Utah, Thursday, March 3, 2016, in Salt Lake City. The 2012 GOP presidential nominee has been critical of front-runner Donald Trump on Twitter in recent weeks and has yet to endorse any of the candidates. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)
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Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Mitt Romney’s calm disassembling Thursday of Donald Trump went a little too far.

“I thought the comments were really, really harsh,” she told KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Mac & Gaydos on Friday. “I thought they were way over the top and it was a perfect example of what we all said: The Republicans eat their own.”

Romney attacked numerous parts of Trump’s campaign and background in the Republican Party’s biggest effort to date to discredit its own frontrunner. Brewer, who has endorsed Trump in the race for the White House, said she was “disappointed” in Romney.

“Mitt, why did you do this,” she asked. “Why did we have to divide our party? Why did you have to get mixed up in this? Why can’t we just let the people decide who the candidate is going to be?”

Brewer took her comments further, saying the party’s organization against Trump is “one of the biggest disappointments in my life.”

While Brewer admitted she doesn’t know a lot of the details when it comes to Trump’s plans for the nation, she said she’s been told he has plans in place, such as one for the much-discussed wall between Arizona and Mexico.

“That’s grand if he can get it done,” she said.

Brewer also pointed out that we haven’t heard many of the other candidates’ positions, partially because of the ongoing tone of the race and partially because of the current debate setup.

“You can’t answer a question in a minute,” she said. “How can you explain something in 30 seconds?”

Despite the Republicans’ arguments among themselves, Brewer said she feels any of the candidates would be better than “what she sees on the (Democrats’) side.”

With the divisiveness in the party threatening to linger until the Republican National Convention in mid-July, Brewer issued a call to her fellow Republicans.

“We absolutely need to coalesce around one another,” she said. “If it doesn’t, our party is pretty much broken, fractured.”

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