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I’ve been on bullet trains traveling at high speeds across various countries in Europe and boy, are they fun and efficient.

Seeing the scenery whiz by while you’re sitting comfortably at 250 mph and arriving at your destination in a fraction of the regular time is what advanced technology is all about. But, all those pleasant rail experiences having been relived, I ask, what the hell are they trying to do bringing it to California?

Engineering work has already begun on a project to provide bullet-train transportation to the corridor between Los Angeles and San Francisco. What’s wrong with that? Well, the current estimate of cost is $68 billion. But wait! It could go as high as $100 billion.

The original concept told voters the six-hour trip would be cut to less than half that. However, access to tracks may slow the train down from a bullet to a BB.

Businesses and communities along the proposed route are in chaos. Why does it work abroad? Because most areas are smaller than California and air travel is prohibitively expensive.

I propose bullet trains to Vegas. Then everyone has a way home after losing everything at the casinos.

I’m Pat McMahon.