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Baby raccoon politely greets surprised travelers at Toronto airport


Canadians are notorious online for being overly polite.

Between their moose, maple syrup and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada just seems to avoid all conflict, even with its southern neighbors.

They use the metric system and go by Celsius temperatures, like Tim Horton’s coffee and get cold — a lot. And they even apologize when they’ve done nothing wrong.

And just like Canadians themselves, the animals who make up Canada are just as polite. This baby raccoon politely greeted travelers at a Toronto airport on Saturday, Buzzfeed reported.

Several travelers at Toronto’s Pearson Airport recorded a baby raccoon popping out from the ceiling.

But the little guy wasn’t there to cause trouble or rummage through anyone’s suitcase for some treats (even though we’re sure he’d appreciate it), he was just coming to say hi.

Unfortunately, the little guy had to return home eventually. The airport even tweeted that he was taken to his “natural habitat” in Toronto, “despite his intentions of travelling abroad.”

And, of course, the little raccoon thanked his fellow Canadians for being so kind.

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