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McMahon: Pride

The following is a lesson in sportsmanship. Not my definition, but that which should be agreed upon by all who truly enjoy competitive athletics.

Right now, all you Arizona State fans think of anyone you know who has a history with the University of Arizona and write or call them to congratulate the Wildcats’ basketball team for their unexpected success in the NCAA tournament. Hey, Devil people — do it. Don’t give me that worn out, spoiled-child mantra about rooting for anybody that’s a University of Arizona opponent.

We’ve got two major Division 1 universities in this state and if you weren’t thrilled when the U-of-A beat Duke and if you were rooting for the University of Connecticut Saturday, you should turn in your pitchfork.

And by the way, I hear the same lame stuff from Tucson about anything maroon and gold. Equally small, petty, childish and let me find the word — stupid. . Did you Wildcat fans feel that way when ASU’s one-legged wrestler Anthony Robles won his national title?

Listen, both schools have had their moments of great pride and their moments of shame. My dream game is ASU and the U-of-A, both undefeated, playing for a national title. Then we all win.