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Rosie on the House

  • Is your HVAC system showing its age? Here’s how to address it

    What decade was your home built? Depending on your answer, your house's problems could interfere with the efficiency of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.
  • If you ‘treat’ your drinking water, make sure to keep changing filters

    Arizona is known for its really “hard” water. If you remove those minerals with a water softener, make sure to keep changing those filters.
  • Here’s how to prep your patio for spring

    Now that we’ve had our winter storms, and temperatures seem ready to rise, you’re going to feel a lot more like spiffing up the patio for spring.
  • Here are the benefits of having a water treatment system

    When water quality is subpar, the effects reverberate throughout the home. Here are the benefits of having a whole house water treatment system.
  • Here are 5 things to remember about water heaters

    One of the most frequent plumbing problems in Arizona homes is a water heater that leaks and needs replacing. Here is how you can care for them.
  • Here’s how you can give your garbage disposal some TLC

    Everybody loves their garbage disposals when they’re working properly, and everybody gets testy when they jam up and refuse to pulverize the leftovers from dinner.
  • What do I need to know about the bugs in my home?

    While bugs can be common in homes, dealing with them is never fun. Here is how you can deal with the pesky pests found in your home. 
  • Here’s how to clean that dirty bathroom exhaust fan

    As the years roll by, bathroom exhaust fans can get covered with dust and grime. Here's how to give them a good cleaning.
  • Here are 5 ways to improve your indoor air quality

    As we head into the spring and summer months, it is important to make sure the air quality in your home is on the up-and-up.
  • What type of cleaning is best for carpets and tile floors?

    Carpets and tile floors can be very difficult to clean, especially with all the products and solutions out there. Here is the best way to care for your floors.