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Rosie on the House

  • Here is a list of home repairs that can be completed in 15 minutes

    We’ve put together a list of possible repairs around the house that could be done in 15 minutes – or maybe a few moments more than that.
  • Here’s how to protect children around swimming pools

    So far this year, one teenager and three small children have died in water-related accidents in the Phoenix area. Here's how to protect kids around pools.
  • Here are 10 tips for using fireworks in Arizona this Fourth of July

    Fireworks that are legal can still cause injuries or fires, so it’s important to be cautious in using them, according to fire officials.
  • Here’s how to deal with foundation heave caused by wet, expanding soil

    Foundation heave is the uplift of the foundation caused by wet, expanding soil beneath a slab floor. It occurs when it is dry outside your foundation and wet underneath it.
  • What’s the best way to clean and seal grout?

    The lines of grout between the tiles in your shower, on bathroom walls or in between floor tiles can get grungy at times. So how can you clean up the mess?
  • How do I get the lint out of my clothes dryer?

    Removing the lint from a dryer will allow the clothes to dry more quickly, thus saving money, and prevent possible fires.
  • There’s a snake in my yard! What should I do?

    You want to keep snakes out of your yard as much as possible so you don’t run into them, but here's what to do in case one slips through.
  • Prepare your family for emergencies at your house, especially storms, fires

    Storms, fires, and power blackouts are just a few of the emergencies that can take place in our homes or neighborhoods throughout Arizona. Here's how to prepare in advance.
  • Is it time to repaint your house? Here are 8 warning signs

    When you’re living in a desert climate, your home’s exterior may need repainting more often than you think it should.
  • Want to keep your garage door working safely? Here’s how

    One of the hardest working devices in your home is your garage door. Here is how you can make sure it is working safely.