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Election hype? More like American apathy

It’s the middle of July, and about the only thing that means to most of us is, “Will I make it through another monsoon?” and, “Can I afford to go to San Diego one more time?”

But looking ahead to next month, things begin to pick up.

The Cardinals play the Saints to open the preseason August 5 in the Hall of Fame game. Now, that really makes August important.

Oh yeah! And your kids go back to school too.

Then, September and October, which we in Arizona laughingly call autumn.

And, finally, the month we’ve all been waiting for. The month that send the blood surging through the veins of all true Americans: Election Day. Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Can’t you feel it? Hello! Are you feeling it yet? Yeah, me neither.

Boy, what happened to the emotional fireworks from even four years ago? The passion and the history being made, on both sides. The hysteria that followed every move of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. These were two rock stars.

And, so far, the enthusiasm of the voting public is what you might expect for two rocks.

Oh, sure. The extreme ends of the electorate will wind up at the polls, but will the rest of America?

I’m Pat McMahon.