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School safety

For some it’s already happened. For most it happens Monday. And the cheering you hear echoing around every Arizona neighborhood is coming from moms and dads who truly love their children, but also love getting them out of the house for an education after a long, long summer.

Yes, there are a few tears shed especially for parents experiencing the first day of school for the first time, but it is kind of nice to get part of your life back, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the week. And yes, this could be filled with suggestions gleaned from lines of all those folks who have done it many times over — things like attending as many of your children’s events as is humanly possible, checking on homework, making sure the school bus has an anti-bullying program and being prepared to make four dozen cupcakes with 20 minutes notice.

But the most valuable reminder I can think of came out of Sunday morning’s Arizona Republic. If there are school zone signs in the street slow down to 15 miles per hour and don’t pass ever!

That way all the children can be there for the entire school year.

I’m Pat McMahon.