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Manly mug

Introducing … America’s favorite romantic star for the month of June … Jeremy Meeks!

Meeks, whose photo on the Internet sent women around the world into a state of orgasmic euphoria, is now officially a celebrity.

What do you mean you’ve never heard of him? The photo was everywhere last week and it’s not even a publicity picture — it’s a mug shot from the Stockton, Calif. police department.

They’re the ones who arrested him on five weapons charges and one gang charge. But that didn’t seem to discourage the countless women who responded online with a number of messages that generally followed the theme that if Meeks was released in their custody, he would be kept far too busy to commit crimes.

They were apparently ignoring his previous nine-year prison sentence for grand theft auto and an additional two years for grand larceny.

Or were they?

Maybe this is just another example of the unbelievable magnetic appeal of “bad boys” to many women. And you know who really doesn’t understand it? Good boys.

I’m Pat McMahon.