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‘Evil’ Obama message is evil in itself

There are four weeks to go until Election Day, four weeks from today.

In that short period of time, is it possible for us to feel just a little restraint when it comes to describing candidates you are not going to vote for? I’m asking this with little hope but perhaps only a wildly optimistic chance that we all give some thought, some consideration to how far we’ve gone in our personal attacks on those from the other side.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail that happened to be from an organization labeling itself as representing the Tea Party movement. It described Barack Obama as being “evil.” According to them, we have an evil President of the United States.

The dictionaries I consulted define evil as doing very bad or cruel things in collusion with the devil. Evil means you’re morally bad and causing great harm. Depraved. Yes, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, but is that really how you feel about the president?

I can’t even imagine really thinking that “evil” describes Barack Obama or Mitt Romney or George Bush or Richard Nixon or any American leader we disagree with.

What prompts that kind of thinking? It borders on hate.

And that’s evil.

I’m Pat McMahon.