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Mac attack

Were you surprised when the news came out that the
popular United States senator is our own John McCain?

Hey, wait a minute, isn’t he the guy that was popular
enough to run for president — twice? According to a
public policy polling organization, only 36 percent of
Arizona voters approve of the job he’s doing, the worst
numbers the organization found in researching all 50

How did he go from Naval hero and POW to presidential
candidate to bum in such a short period of time? Is he
just not Republican enough? Has he blown off too many
birthers? Are some of the militantly anti-Obama people
still holding a grudge from the last campaign when he told
that woman in the audience that no, she was wrong about
his opponent being a Muslim?

Is Cindy too beautiful? Is Meghan too mouthy? Are they
both too pro gay issues?

With numbers like his, he’d better hope Kim Kardashian
doesn’t move to Arizona and run for Senate.

I’m Pat McMahon.