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McMahon: Grey Areas

Shame on….us. All of us. The media.

We get blamed for everything that happens on the planet by everyone – conservative – liberals – neo-cons & neo-socialists – Catholics – Jews & Atheists. Palestinians hate us for broadcasting & writing only pro-Israel news & Israelis rip us apart for being disloyal to their cause.

Somebody considers broadcast media to be wrong all the time about something and at last that somebody is right. Andrew Breitbart, a conservative blogger web jockey, released a part of an NAACP speech by government employee Shirley Sherrod making her appear to be a racist, which turned out to be the antithesis of the rest of the address & her life’s work. She was fired from her job & criticized by the NAACP. Then the entire speech was examined & everyone was duly embarrassed.

Of course by that time, network news departments, television talk personalities, U.S. Government departments & high ranking officials had already crucified the woman. And to think – none of it would ever have happened if we had just taken the time to get it right.

I’m Pat McMahon