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Officials: Chandler, Ariz. mixed-use restaurant will no longer be opening in the area

PHOENIX — Alamo, no more!

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a Texas-based theater and bar that was planned to be developed in Chandler, Arizona, will no longer be opening in the area, according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

The first Arizona location for the bar and restaurant was scheduled to open in downtown Chandler in 2015, but was first delayed in June due to a development issue.

On Friday, Alamo representatives confirmed to the Phoenix Business Journal that the mixed-project development was no more.

The development was planned to be located on the corner of Arizona Avenue and Chandler Boulevard and was also supposed to house The Vig, La Bocca and Modern Margarita.

Craig and Kim Paschich with Paschich Alamo Holdings LLC, which owns the chain, said they are in search of another location in the Phoenix area to start development.

“It is with great sadness that we must announce that Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Chandler is no longer moving forward as part of the Vintage Partners project,” they said in a statement, according to PBJ. “We moved our family to Arizona to share the Alamo’s unique take on the movie-going experience with the state.”

The pair said they’re “committed as ever” to the project and are actively seeking new neighborhoods in the area for Arizona’s first Drafthouse Theatre, but have not specified which parts of Phoenix they are looking at.

Kim Moyers with Chandler’s Economic Development Division said the reason for the move was because Alamo officials could not come to an agreement with the real estate firm that is overseeing the development of the mixed-use project in Chandler.

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