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Best tips for watching TV outside

This article is Sponsored by CenturyLink.

“How ‘bout this weather, eh? Seventy-plus degrees and zero complaints. As much as I can, I try to exist outdoors – including watching my favorite teams and shows. Yes, watching Prism TV on the patio is one of the great advantages of making the switch to CenturyLink. Before Prism, I thought I’d have to rewire the house if I wanted to watch TV out by the pool or in the garage…uh, not anymore. With Prism TV’s Wireless Set-Top Box, you’re not tied to the single wall in each room with the outlet.” – Paul Calvisi

It’s not a big secret Arizona is known for the weather. There’s plenty to do all year. You can also take advantage of watching your favorite shows while enjoying the great outdoors. Setting up outside can be like adding an addition to your home.

Need a little inspiration for a backyard viewing party? Here are some of our favorite backyard TV set ups.

But before you haul your TV outside, here are a few things to consider:

Indoor TVs and outdoor TVs are not the same 

While this may seem like a no brainer, but it’s important to note, using an indoor TV in an outdoor space voids the warranty. It also puts you at risk for shock and electrocution.

Mounts and cables need all-weather love

Just like the TV, outdoor mounts and cables need to be rated for outside use. A regular mount – meant for inside use – can deteriorate under extreme conditions.

Consider a mount that allows for movement. A wider range on the viewing angle won’t limit the viewers to one area.

Just like lawn furniture and everything else that lives outside, cables and TV mounts can wear down and even crack when exposed to Arizona heat and sun. Prism’s Wireless Set-Top Box makes this less of an issue, but you still need to consider the wires from the TV. Make sure your cables are rated for outdoor use with UV protection.

Glare is the biggest enemy of TVs, and even more so outdoors. If the sun is in front of the TV, you’ll be fighting glare. But if the TV has the sun behind it, you’re going to be staring into the sun. The best bet is to set the TV in a shaded area such as under a covered patio.

Now sit back & relax
Put the game on while you barbecue with friends. Throw on some music videos while you play with the dog or just plain old sit back and relax on the couch while you watch some TV.  With Prism® TV Whole Home DVR, you can watch and record multiple shows at once to make the whole family happy.




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