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Study: ‘Facebook Generation’ happier than teenagers a decade ago

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In today’s social media era, many argue that cell phones and computers are ruining the lives of teenagers.

However, one study found teenagers are happier and healthier than teenagers a decade ago, the Daily Mail reported.

The study, conducted by World Health Organization and University of St. Andrews, found a growing proportion of 11- to 15-year-olds eat their fruits and vegetables, exercise, brush their teeth and talk to their parents than the same age group would a decade ago.

In addition, the study found a 10 percent decrease in tobacco smoking for young adults ages 18 to 24 and a 3 percent decrease in illegal drug use for the same age group.

St. Andrews Professor Candace Currie, who collected the data from European and North American adolescents, said young people should be celebrated for their healthy habits.

“There is much to celebrate about the health and well-being of many young people today,” Currie said.

While the study boasted generally positive findings, researchers warn most adolescents in Europe and North America do not meet the requirements for healthy living.

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